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    You will discover here the fruit of my millennial evolution, the work of the quantum spirit, the one who decrypts the laws of creation from his being, from his human daily life. My consciousness is today unlimited, it is in it that I draw the knowledge that I transmit eternally.

    Let's start with my frequency, my logo. the latter is a vibration, an information. Then my vibrational identity and the story of the name of Mesnet throught time, will tell you more about my personality of the moment.

    In my human dimension, I am a quantum therapist. My particularity is to no longer have chakras but a new vibratory map of being, efficient and performing.

    I no longer use the quantum base of the spiritual program, I am Presence and life before being conscious and thus totally multidimensional. After five years of writing every day, my work of emergence being finished, I structure a new space of communication through my channel youtube : QUANTUM TV mesnet

    Welcome to my world and m
    y apologies for the sometimes approximate translation of this brief presentation !





    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier

    Quantum therapist





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